5 July 2021

The importance of exceeding expectations

5 July 2021

Customer orientation is paramount in events and exhibitions sector. From the initial idea to the stand building, the pace of work is accelerated and may arise last-minute changes that require a synchronized and experienced team that guarantees the expected results within the established deadline.

The main goal is to help the customer achieve their objectives and solve their problems even above the needs of the business. The structure of the entire company must be specifically aligned under that idea and even predict future needs. When we implement a customer-oriented philosophy, we must consider not only offering a product, but also establishing bonds and ensuring that the customer is satisfied.

Recommending alternatives that solve possible inconveniences even before starting the planning or the stand building, having a full team of professionals from different specialties, being available at the right time and place… are nuances that go further from offering a service: it creates an experience.

Web Summit 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal)

A good team with autonomy

Skills such as empathy and the ability to solve problems are innate. It is advisable to take these qualities more into account when forming a team than others that can be easily acquired through training.

A cohesive team linked to the company’s philosophy feels more involved and motivated to create bonds with the client. Having the autonomy to make decisions and direct access to information about the project, allow them to coordinate and resolve situations quickly and effectively.

Constant formation

Investing in training ensures that team members are aware of the latest design trends, building techniques, new materials and technologies applicable to the stand. This knowledge will allow them to understand what the customer wants or to anticipate their needs by offering non considered alternatives.

The needs of our customers are constantly evolving, and we must make sure that the company follows them as well. Working together and considering the experience of our clients to each project, it is possible to guide the service and guarantee their fidelity.


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