28 June 2021

Experiential marketing

28 June 2021

Social networks and technological advances have completely changed the experiences of those attending events; they perceive very different sensations from those offered by traditional conferences. Due to this trend, more and more companies are determined to integrate experiential marketing in their actions.

Experiential marketing seeks to create emotional bonds between consumers and brands through creative experiences in order to establish long lasting relationships in addition to increasing brand awareness, building trust and standing out from the competition. The brand or the product are not relevant, the action must focus on the customer and their perceptions. The objective is to leave a mark, that they remember the brand through a positive experience.

From here, what should we take into account when designing and building a stand with these characteristics? Simple: careful planning.

Know your audience

Accurately identifying the target audience and defining objectives according to the brand’s values ​​is essential to design a good experience and maximize impact.

Who are our potential clients? What do we want to convey to them? We must think beyond generating sales. The stand must be designed not only to showcase new products, but to convey sensations and create brand awareness. Each element must be aligned and visually speak of both its values ​​and its history.

MWC 2018 (Barcelona, Spain)

In 2018, HP Inc presented a new design for the Mobile World Congress stand where, without losing its usual elegance and minimalist style, they integrated a greater technological component with the aim of reinforcing the brand’s identity.

Interaction is the key

Attendees at fairs and congresses do not want to be a mere spectator, they want to participate, make decisions and be part of the conversation. Technology can be a great ally when it comes to achieving objectives, although it is not just about causing a stir with the assembly of large screens or touch elements, we must generate enthusiasm: the experience must be unique.

Offering live demonstrations or immersive technologies at the booth will help the consumer better understand the products and give the brand the opportunity to connect with their audience.

UEFA 2018 (Kiev, Ukraine)

For the 2018 UEFA Champions held in Kiev (Ukraine), Pepsi successfully strengthened brand awareness through a fully immersive experience that brought out the passion of football fans. We built an interactive space projected in 360º where fans, identified through RFID wristbands, could play and later download and share their experience on social networks.

Encourage them to share

Social networks can be a very valuable complement that will undoubtedly help to generate conversations about the brand.

  • Before the event, it is important to decide which channels are best suited to the experience that we are designing and the target audience. From there, we can plan a strategy that generates excitement, encourages the public to share the content with more people and, of course, to attend.
  • Life events guarantee us a full experience that no other format can offer us and social networks still can add more value to the brand. During the event, attendees can share their experience at the stand through a hashtag, brand mentions or the same location of the fair, expanding the reach to more people inside and outside the venue.
  • This new content generated authentically in the moment will offer us the opportunity to interact with the audience and it will be easy to analyse if it has met the objectives set. Showing appreciation, collecting comments or taking a survey will also help to reconnect and know what we can improve in the design and build of future stands.


“City of Drones”, Cisco Live! 2019 (Barcelona, Spain)

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