11 March 2020

Sustainable stand exhibitions. How to get started.

11 March 2020

Everyone talks about sustainability lately and the exhibition stand industry is no exception. Exhibition stand builders have been working on doing some research into ways to be more sustainable. In Mac Group, we care about our planet and we try to find greener solutions to our exhibition stand design and build.

In the meantime, we thought it could be interesting to share our findings with you. ¿What do you know about zero-waste, low carbon emissions or landfills? ¿Do you have enough information? ¿Can you analyse your carbon footprint in order to reduce it? ¿Have you ever thought about being more sustainable? ¡Keep reading and find some of the answers here!

¿Have you ever thought about being more sustainable?

sustainability events

Our world is changing. We are all more concerned about the climate change and thinking about solutions for having a sustainable lifestyle. Exhibition stand builders are more and more worried about sustainable stands design and build. The truth is that we should think about the upcoming generations and try to leave the best possible place to live. Sustainability is a priority in the events industry nowadays.

So, where do you get started, and what can you do to contribute to cleaning up the exhibition stand builders industry?

Think green: sustainable stands & events

If you want to run a green event or you need a sustainable exhibition stand, it’s important to start thinking green from the beginning. If you really want to have an impact, make sustainability a key priority from the brienfing and keep it in mind at every stage of the process, from exhibition stand design to the end of the production and building process. Make sure you communicate your intentions to all the agents and make them get involved in the objective.

sustainability fairs

Control plastic

Reducing plastic pollution is one of the essential objectives for conscious exhibition stand builders. From all the plastic we generate globally, only around 79% isn’t – and will never be – recycled. If we think about all the plastic that is created during an exhibition or an event, we will probably get a great amount of it. Building sustainable stands and exhibitions involves thinking about reusing and recycling those materials.

Making a plastic audit can help us to identify the quantity of plastic waste we generate. Once we’ve identified that will be much easier to replace new plastic for recycled one. On the other hand, we can also use different materials – for example organic ones – in order to reduce the use of plastics. Implementing solutions has to be always in mind of great exhibition stand builders.

Remember paper

Obviously, we all should concern about the plastic matter but, ¿What happens with paper waste? Don’t forget that live events can produce enormous amounts of brochures and printed materials. We should also care about what kind of paper is being used in most of these cases, which is not recycled one. Sustainable stand builders must think not only about reusing but also about reducing.

Alternatives are easy to find in exhibition stand builders industry. Technology is probably the best option. Digital versions can work as well as the paper ones (or even better). Exhibition stand builders and designers can be much more creative and zero waste at the same time. Other options are audio-visuals or apps that the visitors can use and download.

However much you try to cut down on waste being produced, inevitably, an exhibition will end up creating rubbish. Invest in a good waste management system with clear recycling points is essential for creating sustainable exhibition stands. Restricted apertures on the recycling bins will make people pause and think about what they’re throwing away. Be conscious my friend.

sustainable exhibitions

Energy matters

Usually, exhibition stand builders are in charge of energy supply. There are plenty of green energy suppliers to choose from and if we want to be sustainable exhibition stand builders, we should care about which company we choose. If your venue is responsible for energy provisions, ask them how much of their energy is from renewable sources and make it clear that it’s a priority for you.

Exhibition stands and events often require amounts of lighting and electricity. A simple switch to make is a move towards LED lighting. As sustainable exhibition stand builders we use LED lights, which are able to convert around 70% of the energy they receive into light energy, which is a lot higher than traditional lighting. Replacing traditional lighting for LED lights means a huge reduction in energy use.

exhibitions stands sustainability

Green gardens

Make the environment a visible priority at your sustainable exhibition stand reducing your environmental impact and making it a cozy place to stay at the same time. Sustainable exhibition stand builders can strategically put natural plants around creating a “green feeling” and reducing the plastic waste at the same time. ¿Isn’t it beautiful?

green stands

“No one is too small to make a difference; everyone can do something. If everyone did something, then huge differences can happen”

Greta Thunberg

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