15 June 2020

Ready for the New Normality

15 June 2020

COVID-19 has meant a global transformation that has given a boost to speak in our sector of hybrid or even totally digital events, but can we imagine a Champions League or the Alimentaria gastronomic fair without attendees?

Many organizations have relied on the benefits of digitization during this crisis: Mobile World Congress posted short videos where the exhibitors could share the content that they would have exhibited in the congress while the automotive brand Koenigsegg decided to make a video presentation after the cancellation of the Geneva International Motor Show. Its accessibility allows reaching a much larger audience, although networking and seeing the product up close is still essential in corporate events.

Agencies, builders, designers and suppliers reinvent ourselves every day to take stands to a new level and this situation is no exception. Platforms such as the Covid Event Planning forum have allowed industry professionals to share ideas and answer many questions about sanitary measures and social distancing that will be essential both in the assembly and during the course of future fairs.

The proposals are not far from the protocols to which we are used at airports. Access with signalized routes and registrations using QR codes (or even facial recognition) will be very likely options to which disinfection stations with masks for attendees and temperature monitoring would be added. The stands would also have pre-established routes and will bet for immersive experiences.

All these changes will not only help to avoid contagions, they will regularize capacity and minimize waiting times making the event run more smoothly. In our country, the Fira de Barcelona and IFEMA venues have already notified the resumption of their activities this autumn and are developing their own prevention protocols.


Web Summit 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal)


At MAC Group Stands we have taken advantage of this time to define new horizons. We are aware of the recommendations of the experts and that is why we have a well-informed team and trusted partners in different parts of the world. We will continue creating experiences that ensure the well-being of clients and participants in current and future projects.

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