6 March 2020

Immersive exhibition stand design. Creating experiences.

6 March 2020

Immersive exhibition stand design is a trend. Exhibitions all over the world are living a revolution, from artistic shows to technological fairs. Exhibition stand design has turned into spectacular and digital. But, ¿What does immersive mean? Let’s see…

¿What is an immersive exhibition?


Probably, we all agree when we think about immersive exhibitions or experiences. Exhibition stand design present the last features and ambitious technologies now a days. Considering the links between the digital world and exhibitions & events industry, it’s reasonable to associate both ideas. But, in fact, immersive exhibitions are not only about technology.

Immersion is about feeling involved, emotionally connected and totally present in the moment and place. Immersive exhibitions are creating engagement with the visitors and commitment with the public.

It’s a fact that technology can play a crucial role on this area, especially if exhibition stand design use it smartly. If exhibition stand builders choose the right gadgets and devices, it’s easier to create immersive stands and exhibitions.

Don’t forget that, a truly immersive experience has a special running and a story to tell. The purpose is to involve the visitor and make them feel something awesome. So, ¿How can exhibition stand builders get to them?

immersive stand experience

Immersive stands: think outside the box

Creating an immersive exhibition starts with getting the foundations right. What is the story we want to tell? How can we make people feel something? Can we make a difference? Creating an immersive event starts with stripping everything back.

Immersive stands are not about putting together a bunch of spectacular elements without any sense. In order to include and involve visitors in your event, they need to feel excited about the experience you’re offering. The key to achieving this is to create an original and relevant exhibition stand design, thinking out of the box.

immersive stand design

Let’s talk to our audience

This is a good place to start: think about your last customer, the visitor. If you don’t know your audience, how can you consider creating something they’ll engage with? Exhibition stand design must be tailor to the needs of the public. Once you know your audience, you can create a purpose to your immersive exhibition stand. Exhibition stand builders should constantly ask themselves what does their public want, and which are their goals and objectives when they go to a fair.

Emotional appeal

Remember that immersive is about getting into something, to get involved and to forget about the real world. For the moment, the visitor is inside our exhibition stand and its reality, far away from the others. Humans are naturally emotional. When we’re emotionally connected, we’re engaged and immersed. That’s the reason why exhibition stand builders should appeal to their audience emotions to create a real fantastic universe in the exhibition stand.

immersive stand exhibitions

Get instagrameable

Let’s get loud. Buzz is another key factor in creating immersive exhibitions. People need to feel that they’ll be missing out if they don’t come to your exhibition stand. If your exhibition stand design stands up, you’ll create that excitement that will bring them to your exhibition. An effective way to build on this effect is making your exhibition stand design more “instagrameable”. We can achieve that through spectacular pictures on social media platforms. Because exhibition stand builders know that social media is the key driver of amazing experiences.

Remember, the more invested people feel in your exhibition stand, the easier it is to create an immersive experience once they’re actually there.

As professional exhibition stand builders we’ll keep working on awesome exhibition stand design and build projects, to make your immersive exhibition stand out.

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