Stands design step by step

The stand design process begins with an idea and ends up becoming a complete project. Our team reviews each of its phases, the technical requirements and the constructive feasibility, offering also solutions and improvements adapted to the client’s budget.

  1. Briefing. We capture the client’s idea considering the strategy and company values. We include stands design details about the fair, stand location, budget, etc.
  2. Sketch. We give shape to an idea, according to a briefing and a budget.
  3. Itemized budget. Includes all costs associated with the project, as a way to control costs.
  4. Review and approval. We review the proposal with the client, and we offer feasible solutions to potential new needs.
  5. Production. Once approved, we initiate the production of all elements as a preliminary step to assembly on site.

Sustainable stands design

The design possibilities are endless, although some guidelines should always be considered in the creative process. Taking as references the essence and values of the client, we will design functional, innovative and sustainable projects. Our stands or events are sustainable, recyclable and if possible re-usable to optimize materials.

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