Stands building step by step

The construction of stands requires extreme coordination. The process includes different phases always supervised by the assigned Project Managers who will solve last minute needs and guarantee an impeccable result.

  1. Technical drawings & material description. Once the design is approved, our team makes the different plans necessary for the correct stand building.
  2. Production. The plans are reviewed and sent to the different departments involved to start the production process.
  3. Fair Organization. The project needs to be approved and the supplies registered. It can be managed by us or the client.
  4. Supervision. We review the production process of each of the elements and we ensure that they comply with the timing.
  5. Assembling. We organize the construction on-site to guarantee the delivery of the stand within the established deadline.

Our stand build work does not end here!

During the fair, our team will provide assistance with possible needs and will coordinate the dismantling of the project once it is finished.

Materials and furniture that can be re-used for future customer projects may be stored in our facilities.

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